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OMS 2022 October Mentoring (Mentee)

We understand that these are hardworking, and stressful times for you!  Keep going and maintain your focus, particularly if you have Oxbridge entrance tests this month.


We trust that all went smoothly with sending off your UCAS form by the 15 October deadline. Key notifications are below, which we hope you find helpful.


A date for your diary is 26 November online Interview Workshop 09:30-16:45. Please register your attendance here:


Attention Cambridge Applicants:  If applying to Cambridge, once you have submitted your UCAS form, you are also required to complete the “My Cambridge Application” (previously called the Supplementary Application Questionnaire, SAQ). This will be emailed to you within 48 hours of submitting your UCAS form. Most of the form is straight forward to complete and there is a helpful guide here:


We thought it would be helpful to cover 3 questions that students have asked when it comes to the My Cambridge Application


In relation to the “Additional Information” personal statement of 1200 characters, what should I write in the “Additional Personal Statement”? Is there anything especially necessary to include?

  • Why you have applied to your chosen Cambridge course specifically.
  • The aspects of the course that you are looking forward to. These can be existing areas of interest which might stem from your own previous reading, but you should also mention other topics in the Cambridge tripos.
  • The aspects of the course and its format that you wish to benefit from. For example, some courses offer the chance to write an extended essay or investigation in place of paper.
  • The reputation of Cambridge University and how you think you will benefit from the unique Cambridge supervision system.
  • Specific provisions that your chosen college offers that personally appeal to you. For example, inspiring architecture, sports grounds, reputed to have good food, and so on. (Do this only if you have your heart set on a particular college; others, no need to mention aspects of appeal concerning a college).


What should I write in the “Is there anything else you would like us to know” question?

You can leave this blank, if you wish to. Some students have notified Cambridge of specific health issues and special educational needs, or alerted the university to disrupted schooling due to personal matters. Other students have left it blank.


What should I include in my answer to the ‘Source and amount of funding’ question?

You can state the use of “private funding”, but it needs to be substantiated. You have up to 300 characters to do this. Some students may have secured sponsorship. If you are unsure, you can ask the relevant teacher at school for further help.


Apart from the above, the form is otherwise straightforward.  The deadline for this form is 18:00 UK time on October 22nd. Good luck!


Once again, if any one of your university choices involves an interview, a date for your diary is: 26 November online Interview Workshop 09:30-16:45. Please register your attendance here:  

October Mentoring Key Docs