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OMS 2022 September Mentoring (Mentee)

As you return to school and refocus on studies, you might already realise that there is a bit to do to prepare for university admissions. Advance warning that around this time of year, you will begin to feel under pressure. We understand and can empathise with all that you are going through; it of course comes with applying for the top UK universities and is a rite of passage for all aspiring students.


If you are applying to Oxbridge, you will know that you need to submit your UCAS form by 15 October. Needless to say, this ought to be your priority and you should aim to finalise it by the end of October, taking note of IO’s advice for UCAS drafting and refining of content.


In accordance with what it says in your OMS Mentee Booklet and OMS Mentee Syllabus, you should also press ahead with registering on UCAS and for your Oxbridge entrance tests, where relevant. We suggest completing all sections of your UCAS form as far as you can so all you need to do is cut and paste your personal statement when it is ready. As part of finalising your UCAS form, you should also be close to finalising your 5 universities and course choices, and deciding on which Oxbridge college appeals to you.


Do not forget to attend your OMS classes, led by the lead mentor of your strand, and your OMS mentoring session with your personal mentor. They will be useful in giving insight into the admission process and answering your questions. As December is only 4 months away, you would also want to make use of your Future Leaders Sessions.


The best advice we have to avoid getting stressed and overwhelmed is not to leave things to the last minute, easy to do when you have competing demands on your time. Try and take everything in your stride.


We are here to support you along the way!

September Mentoring Key Docs