Self Study 2021 April Goals


We hope you enjoyed the webinar and Q&A in March. Well done to the many of you who have also made a productive start on your reading this month, using our Learning Log to help record this.

This month (April), we introduce our OMS Learning Frameworks in more detail. You will also investigate Oxbridge course and college choices to make sure you know all of the options available to you at Oxbridge. There will be a pre-recorded YouTube webinar on college choices at the end of April. You can read full details about the webinar on this link.

This month, we have also written a blog introducing how you can make the most out of the OMS experience and mentoring as a whole. We spoke to three former OMS students who were successful in the Oxbridge applications and are now Mentors. You can read this on LinkedIn, Instagram or on the Insights Blog section of our website.

Please click through on the links below to see your goals for April.

April Goals

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