Meet the Operations Team!

Our operations team use their insight, knowledge and expertise to run the day-to-day operations of the charity.

Read more information below about our operations team.

James Miller

Head of Programmes

James joined Insight Outreach in its inaugural year as a mentor and never left! As Head of Programmes, he leads the creation and management of our courses and their content. Back in 2018, James mentored students while studying for a degree in Classics at Cambridge University (St Catharine’s College). Alongside Insight Outreach, James is Head of Business & Innovation for an international education social enterprise. He has designed, run and taught programmes for students across 4 continents and is passionate about making learning fun, interactive and dynamic. As the recipient of a national public speaking award, 12A* at GCSE, a full score of 45 in the IB and a Classics scholarship in secondary education, James is also passionate about equipping underrepresented students with the best tools and frameworks for success in their own study. Outside the world of work, there’s nothing James enjoys more than a good tv series (recommendations welcome!), cooking or reading about anything that happened over 1,800 years ago. 

Jemima Robertson

Head of Development

Jemima joined the Insight Outreach team in 2020 after leading the operations at a high-growth EdTech start-up since its inception in 2018. Prior to this, Jemima studied Natural Sciences at St Catharine’s College, University of Cambridge, where she was involved in a range of access initiatives aimed at raising aspirations and widening access to top universities in low progression schools. As Head of Development at Insight Outreach, Jemima combines her experience in business development and strategy with her passion for improving social mobility through education to help drive forward Insight Outreach’s vision. In her spare time, Jemima enjoys baking, learning new languages and watching cat videos!